BravO! Nationals Rules & Guidelines


Nationals Registration

Nationals Registration is done through BravO!’s Dance Comp Genie site. To register for Nationals, simply log into your account and click the ‘Transfer Routines’ button on your dashboard. Follow the step by step process! You can register for Nationals at any time throughout the regional season. For help with your account, please email our Assistant Director, Maddie, at with your specific question. Please note: Nationals entries must be completed and finalized 45 days prior to the competition start date.


Billing for BravO! Nationals is done through There is no automatic option for payment on the registration site. When you complete and finalize your entries online, you are alerting the BravO! office staff that you have completed the registration process.

Nationals invoices from BravO!’s square account will be sent to the main email address on file for your studio. They will be sent approximately 45 days prior to the competition start date. BravO! accepts studio checks, money orders, certified checks, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). FULL PAYMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION. BravO! will not accept studio checks after this deadline. If payment is not received by this deadline, your routines will be subject to forfeiture.

Checks sent to BravO! prior to the date of invoicing will be held until 45 days prior to the competition start date, regardless of when they are received.

If your Nationals registration is not completed by the 45-day deadline, your entries will be issued a 10% late fee and depending on communication and completion, may be subject to forfeiture.

NO REFUNDS will be issued unless the competition is canceled and payment has already been processed. If a change occurs due to illness or injury of a dancer after your invoice has been issued, the studio will receive a credit for the following season for any routines that were unable to perform due to the illness/injury and when provided a doctor’s note.

Additional entries that are requested after invoices have been issued will be accepted on a case by case basis. If these late entries are allowed, payment must be received before they are included in the scheduling. NO CHANGES, ADDITIONS, OR SCHEDULING REQUESTS will be accommodated after invoices are issued unless payment has been received in full.

Any checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $35 service fee and balance must be paid by credit card or certified/cashier’s check.

National Title Competition

All soloists entering the National Title Competition must have competed for Regional Title in the current season. National Title contestants must select a routine they performed in the corresponding regional season. Contestants can only enter one routine for National Title. The previous year’s National Title Winners may not compete for the same Regional Title in the following season. If the dancer ages into the next age division, they may compete for Regional Title in that new age division.

The female National Title Runner-Up will receive a participation certificate and crown.

The female National Title Winner will receive a trophy, sash, crown, dream duffel, a certificate for the BravO! Boutique, and a cash prize of $250.

The male National Title Runner-Up will receive a hat.

The name National Title Winner will receive a trophy, hat, dream duffel, certificate for the BravO! Boutique, and a cash prize of $250.

There must be a minimum of two participants within an age division for that National Title Competition to be held. NO TITILE ENTRIES CAN BE ADDED AT THE DOOR AT NATIONALS.

National Competition Music

All national competition music must be uploaded to your online account. The deadline for music upload will be 2 weeks prior to the competition start date. Dance Comp Genie’s music upload feature currently only supports .mp3 files. If your music is in a different file format, you will need to convert the files to .mp3 prior to upload. This can be done using an online file converter. If you have already uploaded your music for regionals PRIOR to transferring your routines to Nationals, you will not need to re-upload music, however, PLEASE USE THE PLAYBACK FEATURE TO TRIPLE CHECK YOUR MUSIC FILES ARE CORRECT FOR THE NATIONALS COMPETITION. All music must be recorded at your desired speed and cut into one playable track per routine. Track speed WILL NOT be adjusted and multiple tracks are not permitted for one routine. CDs are the only acceptable form of backup allowed at BravO! Nationals. iPods, iPads, iPhones, Tablets, mobile devices, flash drives, etc. will not be accepted.

BravO! is not responsible for improper playback of music resulting from poor quality music files or CDs brought to the competition in poor condition. Please be sure your backup CDs are of adequate quality if/when brought to the Emcee. BravO! is not responsible for music left at the venue after the event. It will be left with the house staff.

Nationals Scheduling Guidelines

Any scheduling requests, conflicts, or changes to routines should be submitted to our Program Manager at at least 45 days prior to the competition start date. When sending in requests, please include your studio name, the name(s) of the routine(s) and dancer(s) affected by the request, and the most detailed information possible regarding the request. BravO! attempts to accommodate the maximum amount of requests received. Scheduling request approval is determined by our capability to accommodate the request(s) and the order in which they are received.

Please note, National Finals does have a ‘Sold Out’ number of entries it absolutely cannot exceed and this is a determining factor when late entries are requested. Our preparation for National Finals begins quite early, and it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate changes or additions past the 45-day mark. PLEASE LOOK OVER YOUR ENTRIES DILIGENTLY TO AVOID MISSING ROUTINES OR INCORRECT ROUTINE INFORMATION.

National Finals will absolutely run IN PROGRAM ORDER. We will not change order, allow routines to perform later, or allow routines to perform outside of their set. It is imperative that you have specific needs regarding dates, quick changes, extensive hair/makeup/costume changes that you communicate this needs to our Program Manager as quickly as possible.


Nationals Competition Format & Timetable

BravO! National Finals generally begin with solos, working through the week towards group routines, and in experience level order (O!verture, Encore!, BravO!). Occasionally, Solos & Duo/Trios will be placed together, depending on the number of routines and the allotted time within the schedule. We will not know our exact schedule until all routines all finalized, however, this is a general guideline when planning for the event.

The timetable lists when each age division, level, group size, and category begins. It also will list all breaks, award ceremonies, master classes, Standing O!vation Showcase Opening Number rehearsals, and special events. A timetable will be available on our website and forwarded to the studio email on file, approximately three weeks prior to Nationals start date.

Nationals Judging Panel

At National Finals, BravO! has five scoring judges, whose only job it is to watch and score the routines. Additionally, there will be 1 Critique Judge, whose job will be to record a video critique for each routine and give out all special awards for the week. For Nationals Title, all six judges will adjudicate. For Standing O!vation Showcase, all six judges, plus the guest choreographer/master class teacher will adjudicate. There are no critiques recorded for the National Title Competition or Standing O!vation Showcase.

Nationals Scoring Procedure & Adjudication

Judges will score each routine as it happens. The highest and lowest score will be dropped from each routine and the middle three scores will be combined for the total competition score.

Each judge awards up to 100 points based on the following criteria:

  • Technique: 40 percent
  • Performance: 30 percent
  • Musicality/Timing: 20 percent
  • Choreography: 10 percent

The total number of available points to be scored per routine is 300 (when the high and low score is removed).

Platinum, Elite High Gold, High Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards will be given out during National Finals. This adjudication is assigned by the overall score a routine receives based on the following point system:

  • PLATINUM: 300-285
  • ELITE HIGH GOLD: 284.9-270
  • HIGH GOLD: 269.9-255
  • GOLD: 254.9-240
  • SILVER: 239.9-225
  • BRONZE: 224.9-210

Nationals Adjudicated Trophies/Placement Pins

One Platinum, Elite High Gold, High Gold, Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophy will be awarded to every Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Line routine. For Duo/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines, corresponding national adjudication pins will be given to each participant. There may be multiple Platinum, Elite High Gold, High Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in each age division and category.

Nationals Overall Awards

Nationals Overall High Point Awards are given out for each age division, experience level, and group size. The number of placements awarded is dependent on the number of participants within each age division, experience level, and group size. For solos, this number is based on a number of individual participants. For Duo/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines, this number is based on the total number of routines within the age division, experience level, and group size. Overall National Cash Prizes are given to the routines that receive the three highest score in their age division, experience level, and group size. If there are less than four participants, a National Entry Certificate will be awarded, which can be used towards the following year’s Regional Competitions.

National Finals Cash Awards

  BravO! Level Encore! Level O!verture Level
  1st $150 $125 $100
  2nd $100 $75 $50
  3rd $75 $50 $25
  1st $175 $150 $125
  2nd $125 $100 $75
  3rd $100 $50 $50
  1st $500 $300 $200
  2nd $200 $150 $100
  3rd $100 $75 $50

National Most Photogenic

Any BravO! National participant is eligible for this elective contest. There will be four National Most Photogenic awards: 11 & under Judge’s Choice, 11 & under People’s Choice, 12 & over Judge’s Choice, and 12 & over People’s Choice. Judge’s Choice winners are selected by our panel of adjudicators. People’s Choice winners are selected by audience and participant voting throughout the week. Photographs will be on display near the BravO! Boutique. Only individual pictures will be accepted (no group photographs). Do not send in photographs or payment for photogenic entries prior to the event. You may only enter this category during the competition, and prior to the presentation of the award. A 5×7 or 8×10 photograph in color or black & white must be submitted.  Name, age, and studio must be written on the back of each photograph. Photograph, completed entry form, and payment must be turned in at the BravO! Boutique at least one hour prior to the corresponding award ceremony. We suggest that photographs be entered at the start of the competition. The National Most Photogenic winners will have their winning photographs featured in the following season’s program and will receive a $100 cash prize. There must be a minimum of 2 contestants for the National Most Photogenic contest to be held.

National Special Judge’s Awards

At National Finals, we will have one judge dedicated exclusively to critiques and special judge’s awards. This judge will not score routines, but rather reward dancers for their efforts on stage with personalized award recognition.

Outstanding Studio Director Of The Year Award

At National Finals, the studios that consistently maintain high scores will receive the BravO! Outstanding Studio Director Award. This award will be given for all experience levels.

Outstanding Teacher Of The Year Award

At National Finals, the teachers who consistently maintain high scores will be awarded the BravO! Outstanding Teacher Of The Year Award. This award will be given for all experience levels.

Outstanding Choreography Of The Year Award

At National Finals, one Group or Line routine per age division will receive the National Outstanding Choreography Award. This award will be given for all experience levels and is determined by the judges.

Performer Of The Year

At National Finals, one dancer will be awarded the Performer of the Year Award based on showmanship, technique, overall performance, and behavior on and off the stage. This award winner will also receive a $100 gift certificate.

Studio Spirit Award

At National Finals, the studio displaying the true love of dance with exceptional sportsmanship, enthusiasm, studio pride, and encouraging and kind behavior towards other dancers, teachers, studio owners, and BravO! competition and office staff, will be the recipient of the BravO! Studio Spirit Award. The winner will receive a trophy and a $300 gift certificate towards next season’s regional competition.

Standing O!vation Showcase

At National Finals, the top 5 highest scoring Groups and Lines combined in each age division and level will be invited to re-compete in our National Grand Championship: The Standing O!vation Showcase. Only one routine per studio can be represented per age division and experience level. A National Grand Champion will be named in each age division and in each experience level. The National Grand Champion will be awarded a cash prize and trophy. A cash prize will also be given to all groups/lines competing in the championship. The overall highest scoring Solo and Duo/Trio in the BravO! level and all National Title winners will also be invited to perform as exhibition only. In the event that the highest scoring soloist is also the National Title winner, they will be invited to perform as the National Title Winner, and the 2nd Overall Highest Scoring Soloist will be invited to perform representing that age division.

All participating contestants in the Standing O!vation Showcase must have one adult studio liaison to help facilitate backstage. Competitors must remain in costume until after the award ceremony.

Standing O!vation Showcase Opening Number

Up to 10 students from each participating studio may sign up to be a part of the Standing O!vation Showcase Opening Number. Dancers of all ages and experience levels and welcome to participate. Participating students will learn a routine from our Master Class Teacher throughout the week and perform the routine together on Sunday, to open our Standing O!vation Showcase. For more information regarding the Standing O!vation Showcase Opening Number, please reach our to our Assistant Director, Maddie, at 402-939-7961, or

Standing O!vation Showcase Cash Awards

There will be a Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior winner in each level (O!verture, Encore!, and BravO!). Small groups, large groups, and lines will be combined in each age division, and a studio may only be represented once in each set.

O!verture Winners will receive $200

Encore! Winners will receive $200

BravO! Winners will receive $300

All other competitors will receive $50