BravO! Rules and Guidelines



Entry Deadlines

  • Regional entries must be completed online 30 days prior to the competition date. Any unfinalized routines will be automatically forfeit after the 30 day mark.
  • Payment must be finalized 21 days prior to the event. Routines are subject to forfeit if payment is not processed by the due date.
  • National entries must be completed online, processed, and paid for 45 days prior to the competition date.

NOTE: Any late entries will be assessed a 10% late fee. In order for programs to be created and printed, this deadline MUST be strictly enforced. Each event has a ‘Sold Out’ number of entries it absolutely cannot exceed. This is dependent on the venue size, the amount of time agreed upon in our rental contracts, and state and local regulations. Late entries will be approved on a case by case basis, determined by the date submitted and the particular event in question. All decisions are final.

Types of Entries:

  • Solo: 1 dancer (*Soloists cannot enter more than one routine within the same performance category.  BravO! may limit the total number of solos per individual dancer at larger events and based on time restraints.)
  • Duet/Trio: 2-3 dancers (*Duets and Trios compete against one another)
  • Small Group: 4 to 9 Dancers
  • Large Group: 10 to 19 Dancers
  • Line: 20 or more Dancers

Age Groups:

  • Petite: 4 & under, 5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs
  • Junior: 9,10,11 yrs
  • Teen: 12,13,14 yrs
  • Senior: 15-16, 17-19 yrs
  • Adult: 20+

Adult Category: All performers 20+ years old dancing in any solo, duo/trio, group or line are considered to be in the Adult Division. Adult Division includes Teachers, Pros, and Parents. Any routine containing a performer 20+ years old will automatically be placed in the Adult Division, regardless of the average age of all dancers.

Time Table:

The timetable lists when each age division, level, group size, and category begins. It also lists all breaks and all scheduled Awards Ceremonies. A timetable will be available on our website ( and forwarded to the studio e-mail on file, approximately one week prior to each competition.

Competition Format:

BravO! makes its schedules based on the needs of each individual competition. There is not a set format. Each schedule is set based on the breakdown of entries (Solos, Duo/Trios, Groups, and Lines) for that particular city. We do not know this breakdown until all entries have been processed. At that time, we set a schedule that will be most accommodating to all participants as a whole. This is in order to utilize competition time in the most efficient way possible. This would not be possible if we were to follow a predetermined format. Scheduling requests can be submitted up to 14 days prior to each event and are accommodated on a case by case basis. BravO! attempts to accommodate the maximum amount of requests received. Scheduling requests are determined by our capability to accommodate the request(s) and the order they are received in.


The music upload feature is available when you register for a competition and complete your entries. Music upload only supports .mp3 files. If the music you are using is in another audio format, you will to need to convert using an online .mp3 converter such as this one before uploading your music. All music must be recorded at your desired speed. Track speed WILL NOT be adjusted. It is required that you bring backup music in the event of a malfunction of the original copy. CDs are an acceptable backup at the events. iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc. will not be accepted. BravO! is not responsible for improper playback of music resulting from poor quality music files or CDs brought to the competition in poor condition. Please be sure your backup CDs are of adequate quality if/when brought to the Emcee. BravO! is not responsible for music left at the venue after the event.


The safety of the dancers is paramount. A Backstage Manager, Roscoe Floor, and First Aid Kit will be at all BravO! events. The Roscoe Floor will be swept periodically and/or any time props that cause debris are used.